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Education system is undergoing a paradigm shift. Modern classrooms are becoming more and more technology oriented. The students of this century are already having information at their fingertips. The challenges faced by teachers are many. They have to make learning fun, engaging and thought provoking. This can happen only if our classrooms are interactive, where both the teacher and students engage in collaborative learning.

The fundamental concepts for interactive displays started in the early 90’s where interactive white boards with markers were introduced which was the backbone that made the possibility of shifting the market towards interactive digital boards for academic institutions. They resemble the appearance of a Tablet or a IPad on a Larger scale which has paved way for different companies to embrace a transition towards Manufacturing interactive digital boards.

Touchscreen Interactive Panels eliminates the need for traditional chalk boards, marker boards, LCD projectors, projector screens in the class rooms. These displays connect wirelessly to students’ learning devices and Teachers’ teaching devices. All-Page Annotation Tool helps in effective teaching and training

Touchscreen  Interactive panels are smart boards that come with a 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, powered by Android, they come in multiple sizes.

Some of the key features of interactive smart displays include:

  • Latest Android
  • Advanced Infra-Red technology which provides a fast response time of 6ms
  • It has a Durable toughened glass which enhances safety during operation
  • When OPS Slot-in-PC is mounted, it acts as an in-built computer
  • High sensitive 10 point multitouch display
  • Two Sided Stylus Pen
  • Portable with a stand

These Large Interactive Touch Displays act as multipurpose systems which works

  • As an Electronic White board
  • As a Touch Screen Monitor
  • As an Electronic Notice Board
  • As an Interactive Digital Signage
  • As an Interactive TV or Video Monitor

So not just classrooms but workplaces also benefit from Interactive Flat Panels.

Difference between interactive flat panels and interactive whiteboards:

Though the names are used interchangeably, it is not true. Interactive whiteboards work on a projected image which is controlled by a laptop or a computer with the help of projectors. Whereas Interactive flat panels are self-contained and are usually powered by LED and are way beyond interactive white boards. IFPs are better in picture quality, better in interface and can be controlled easily. They also come with lots of salient features like collaboration software that make education fun, internet free screen sharing of Mobiles / Laptops / Tablets. Interactive Flat Panel Displays also come with an Intelligent Remote which makes operating easier.

Students also have the acquaintance of interacting through different input methods whether it’s touch, a stylus pen, or a wireless keyboard. This transforms the classroom into an active learning environment.

Factors that drive our decision making to transit from white boards to interactive flat panels:

Advanced Technology: The interactive flat panels take advantage of the technological advances we see in IPads or other tablet devices. All the touch screen capabilities are enhanced on an interactive display whose performance is same as a tablet. The quality of the image displayed is much better, thanks to the advent of 4K Ultra High Definition technology. We no longer need to turn off lights in the class rooms or board rooms which were using whiteboards.

Cost Effective: Considering the continuous ongoing maintenance cost that are involved in maintaining projectors for whiteboards, moving to an interactive flat panel benefit greatly with respect to using less electricity, No heat emission and hence it’s a Go-Green initiative for the environment.

Audio and Video Quality: IFP’s give the clearest audio and video quality with great resolution settings.

No Shadows: These Panels come with LED screens where the display images are backlit into the screen and hence are not affected by shadows.

Bright and Long-lasting: The IFPs don’t degenerate over time and can withstand onto the image quality up to 50,000 hours

Better Connectivity: The Panels have a leading edge with respect to connectivity, they come with HDMI Ports, VGA Ports, USB ports and slots to connect a PC (inbuilt or external).

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