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Boost Classroom Productivity with Interactive Touch Screen Displays

1. Supporting Active Learning
Collaboration. Students working together consistently tops the list of active learning approaches.
Demonstration. When students show, explain, and teach, their minds are actively engaged in the learning process.
Experimentation. Active learning is paramount to maximizing STEM learning. Interactive touch screen displays bring STEM subjects to life. Students can conduct labs and experiments at the display. Work out equations as a team.

  1. Developing Critical Readiness Skills
    The jobs of today and tomorrow demand greater adaptability, problem-solving and critical thinking. To prepare students for career and college readiness they need to be using tech tools
  2. Boosting Enthusiasm and Engagement
    Students in classes that leverage an interactive touch screen display are more engaged. They pay more attention.
  3. Delivering Effective Feedback
    Interactive touch screen displays can maximize effective feedback. Use them to employ formative feedback apps. Get kids in the game with interactive learning
    Students working at interactive display boards receive immediate responses that tell them how they’re doing.
  4. Enhancing Classroom Management
    Interactive touch screen displays can be a boon to keeping classes running smoothly. For one thing, the more engaged students are, the less likely they are to be disruptive. By making lessons more dynamic, students are inherently more captivated by the content.
  5. Creating a Common Experience
    Diverting their focus to the interactive display brings students back to a community mind-set. Whether it’s the teacher or a group of students presenting, the display creates a common experience.
  6. Bringing Greater Inclusivity
    Interactive touch screen displays help teachers offer more learning opportunities to more students. Lessons that bring students to the board let kinaesthetic learners get up and move. Videos and multimedia presentations appeal to visual and auditory learners.
  7. Improving Learning Outcomes
    Students and teachers agree: interactive touch screen displays are fun. They captivate, improve attention span and boost student engagement.
  8. Easy to Implement
    Compared to traditional interactive whiteboards and projector-based technology, they offer big benefits. Because they’re all-in-one solutions, they’re faster to deploy. They require virtually no maintenance. Plus, teachers get up and running with their dynamic displays with minimal training. All of which saves IT time and reduces related costs.
  9. Easy to Use
    As teachers gain experience with their interactive touch screen they begin benefiting from the full range of features. IT teams often report that after brief training most teachers are comfortable with the displays.

Administrative benefits of interactive touch screen displays:
• An all-in-one solution
• Easy installation
• Reduced maintenance
• No bulbs
• No filters or calibration
• Greater reliability
• Longer lifespan
• Lower energy consumption
• Wall or cart-mount for resource sharing
• Often no software licensing fees

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