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Interactive flat panels / touch screens are those displays with which one can interact, like how one could interact with a smartphone. The difference between interactive panels / touch screens and smartphone is the size. These flat panel displays are larger than our smart phones.

With the help of interactive flat panels / touch screen monitors, one no longer needs to use flip charts, indecipherable diagrams or marker pens. In addition to that, one does not need overhead projectors that contain bulbs that burn out or emit heat in the middle of an important presentation. Given these and many more advantages, it’s about time that you bring in interactive flat panels / touch screens in offices and classrooms.

Meeting Transformations

Meetings can become dull at times because they are never ending. We are not able to take notes or minutes of meetings completely. Interactive flat panels / touch screens fill meetings with amazing visuals, stunning sound quality and availability of motivating applications and content. Notes can be easily recorded and automatically captured using QR Codes and emailed directly.  The screenshots can then be distributed to all at the end of the meeting / Conference

By using All in one interactive flat panel / touch screen monitors throughout meeting rooms, remote locations and other areas in office, one can share ideas and information in a hassle-free way. This is possible as interactive panels contain built-in PCs that make information transformation possible.


By using an interactive flat panel / touch screens, one can display different projects on the panel, which will talk about the level at which the office projects are currently at. In addition to this, employees will be able to access updates in real-time. This feature is extremely effective in sharing the progress when meetings take place.

If the workforce is kept updated, they will be more efficient in achieving a greater goal in specific workplace. One can say that interactive flat panels / touch screens use state-of-the-art technology that helps in training, engagement, interaction, decision making, and collaboration, all at the same time and place.

Key Performance Indicators

A healthy competitive environment helps the workforce by motivation. Interactive / touch screen panels provide a bigger hand in this regard. Many companies use touch screens that show key performance indicators. For example, customer service team can track problems and how they were taken care of. Sales can be predicted and compared with actuals and projections and can be checked how they are performing in terms of target. Installing and providing such a touch screens will help in motivating and inspiring an office’s team towards business growth and getting better results.

Importantly, the advent of Interactive flat panels/ touch screen monitors, interactive whiteboards are phased out. Interactive flat panels / touch screen displays boost office productivity. Integrating and using the right product in the right manner helps in getting more benefits from Interactive flat panels screen

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