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The world is going Digital – right from banking, buying, selling, communication, advertisements to media. With the rapid increase of India getting digitalized more corporate and industries are incorporating digital tools for their everyday activities. Interactive flat panel display is one of the hot selling digital information communication for smart classroom solutions and for businesses.

Interactive Flat Panels offer Ultra Hi Definition 4K Displays with lively colours and amazing picture quality. The Displays come with latest android, built in computer also known as OPS – Open Plug-gable Specification. Interactive Flat Panels come in variable sizes namely 55”/65”/75”/86”/98” that suit different kinds of Classrooms and Office Board / Meeting Rooms.

Flexible range of features Interactive Flat Panel Displays include

  • Anti-Glare Glass
  • Durable Toughened Glass
  • Touch Technology – Advanced Infra-Red
  • Low Maintenance
  • Gesture Annotation
  • Inbuilt Speakers
  • XGA / VGA / HDMI / USB
  • Go-Green: No Projector / No Heat etc.

Interactive Flat Panels are useful in various fields:

  • Educational Institutions
  • IT / Manufacturing
  • Corporate / Training Conferences
  • Hospitals / Hotels
  • SMEs
  • Architects / Consultants

Let’s Get to Know Interactive Flat Panel Displays

As the name implies Interactive Flat Panel Displays are touch-enabled interactive displays that make communication of information more interactive and collaborative. They are smartphones but are much larger in size. IFPDs are usually available in high resolutions, giving an edge over the conventional Interactive whiteboards; hence they are most useful in the smart classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, and lecture halls.

Gone are those days when you had to worry about indecipherable handwriting on the whiteboard and the markers that ditch you in your most important moments. This Interactive Flat Panel Display not only boosts classroom engagement, productivity but also let the users make use of time more efficiently.

The Built-In PC also known as the Open Plug-gable Specification attached to the Interactive Flat Panel is customizable as per the user’s requirement. It supports Android, Windows as well as MAC operating systems. One doesn’t have to plug an external source to access or convey the information. The Interactive Flat Panel also comes with USB, VGA and HDMI ports to plug in an external source to access files. These ports are also customizable as per the users’ requirements

In Interactive Flat Panels, data can be presented, conveyed, accessed, shared by means of QR Code, or through Email. Interactive Flat Panel Displays also have in-built speakers on the front panel that brings sound to life. The speakers are powerful enough to sound up a medium to small room.

Applications of Interactive Flat Panels

The Interactive Flat Panels find utility in different domains as mentioned earlier. They are not only used to display information but also can be used to represent data, in conference / meetings and training.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays in Education

Being a Boon Interactive Flat Panels are a shot in the arm for the education sector. With the increasing dependence of students on digital media for their learning experiences, it was the need of the hour to incorporate the collaborative teaching methods apart from the conventional ones. With Interactive Panel Displays, the classroom experience can be made more enjoying and fun.

Students get hands-on experience of latest technology which helps them learn effectively at their own pace.  Interactive Flat Panels solution helps students to get accustomed with the technology. Above all, with the help of digital education technology, students can interact with each other and fetch maximum results with the help of gamification of lessons.

It also helps the teacher to save time and energy in shuffling between subjects and topics. Through Internet www is available at your fingertips on Interactive Flat Panels to seek help from the internet for teaching. The lecturers can also use other features like annotations, whiteboard, and multimedia to enhance the traditional teaching methods. The plug and play features of these interactive displays are easy-to-use for both teachers and students.

Interactive Flat Panels for Business

Corporate meetings can be more interactive and yielding with the help of Interactive Flat Panels.  These Interactive Displays presents amazing visualscrisp audio quality, and an interactive screen to present content and information to the users. Ideas and planning sessions are more hassle-free and less time taking when using a flat panel display.

Interactive Flat Panels are multi-touch enabled that can be used by multiple people working using the screen at the same time. You can play videos from the internet or the pre-loaded ones on the screen in a touch. No need to connect transfer files or use a laptop to view them. Just Transfer them through a sharing facility.

Depending upon the size of the Board rooms , Interactive Flat Panel Displays are available in different sizes including 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”  , 98″ By installing a flat panel display, information and ideas can be shared and processed easily.

IFPDs can be used as a powerful video conferencing solution. This setup helps you conduct meeting and conferences from different places. Reduces the demographical barriers between people and is also cost effective

Interactive Flat Panels can also be used in virtual class rooms which is another contemporary method to conduct online classes for students situated in different locations.

Interactive Flat Panels in Healthcare

Interactive Flat Panels can be used in the hospital industry for information display as well as for training’s. They are used in hospitals for displaying Out Patient schedules of various doctors. It can also be used in the training process of the medical students as it helps in the better presentation of complex subjects like human anatomy, surgery, diagnostics etc. Interactive Flat Panels can also be used to explain and display complex surgical procedures to patients and medical students. So far, these digital displays and interactive panels have helped a great deal to simplify the undertakings of the hospital industry.

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