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Interactive Flat Screen / TVs Latest Features and Techniques

Touch Screen Interactive Flat Panels operate in ways similar to interactive whiteboards, Teaching Faculty don’t have much learning to do to use the Touch Screen interactive flat panels. Interactive Touch Screen flat panels have lot of functions like 10 Point / 20 Point multi touch facilities , 2 sided Stylus Pens and have inbuilt saving features like

Export / Import Notes
Sending Content through e-Mail
Scanning QR Codes
Saving to iCloud / Google Drive

Touch Screen Interactive Flat panels are useful for Smart class room solution’s with a host of teaching tools. They (Touch Screen Interactive Flat Panels) come with Writing Board Software that can be used as a regular White Board / Green Board – the traditional way to teach as in regular classrooms. The writing surface of the IFPs acts as a never ending canvas (up to 20 pages can be used in one file ), the screen is low in friction and is very smooth to write unlike writing in traditional chalks in boards.

Visuals are in Ultra High Definition with a 4K Capability and is easily accessible . Touch Screen Interactive Flat Panels come with Inbuilt 2 15 Watts speakers which are more than suffix for a room size of 30 to 40. The audibility is so precise and perfect in interactive flat panels

An Touch Screen Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD) being a large-format touchscreen display is apt for meeting rooms and board rooms . Being a replacement for projectors, interactive white boards, external laptops / computers projector technology with a higher-quality display, enhanced connectivity, built-in software and solutions.

an Interactive Touch Screen Flat panel also known as IFPD – is an advanced white board which is a large electronic display that has a touchscreen and is able to access, manipulate, and interact with electronic files. a big size cell phone / computer that you can use to present or collaborate meetings. Interactive Touch flat panels can be used as signage devices like in the hotel or the hospital industries which is why these Touch Screen interactive flat panels can be used as an next generation office display solution.

As Mentioned earlier interactive Touch Screen flat-panels displays have better screen quality (4K Resolution) comparing to projector screens or White boards. 180 Degree viewing angle makes it more easier for the audience to view from different seating positions Likewise, wide viewing angles make it possible for more participants to see the screen. Enhanced quality of the image means that even if the interactive flat panel is smaller than a projector’s maximum screen size, on-screen content is still easier to see. And as a fixed screen, eliminates the need for adjustment and no calibration is required. That means the interactive Touch Screen flat panels are a Plug & Play solution.

When compared to Projectors that require hardware setting, software setting in the form of computer, and a white board to project. Interactive flat panels are all in one solution for the aforesaid. In addition to that they also come with Speakers that are good enough for playing a movie.
Meeting becomes more interactive and attendees focus’ are very concentrated and collaborative while using interactive flat panels. They can concentrate on the presentation or on the discussion instead of writing down the minutes of meeting – coz these touch interactive flat panels can be used to automatically save the notes and can be retrieved later for reference

Annotation tools facilitate easy annotation of content means higher levels of engagement during meetings. The highlight being Annotation can be done on any part of the meeting even if it is a image, pdf file, video or so on . this is a very important feature for understanding the meeting better
Easy streaming and sharing of content mean a better, more dynamic meeting environment that engages participants and keeps them focused. Virtually no buffering or lag time.

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