NEOTOUCH is a total solution provider for smart education . Addressing the divergent needs, by the schools and education institutes, NEOTOUCH offers all-inclusive solution ranging from hardware solutions to educational software packages to training, for transforming traditional classroom into smart classrooms.

Hardware Solutions

NEOTOUCH provides a range of hardware solutions for Smart Classroom including basic equipment like Smart Board, Student Devices to Advanced Technological Equipment like 3D Printer, VR Kits, Robot arms to make the classroom environment more interactive and innovative.

Software Solutions

NEOTOUCH Provides Smart Classroom Software Solutions through which teachers can manage interactive whiteboard and classroom content and have ability to create learning content and to share it with others. Apart from just monitoring students’ activities on computers, NEOTOUCH enables teachers to engage students and to track their progress using the smart, digital applications for learning. Teachers can create interactive lesson plans, run a quiz or survey in order to get reports about the success of each individual student.

NEOTOUCH Smart Board


neotouch new 9.0 4

NEOTOUCH is the brand dedicated for CCINFRA PVT LTD. Specially the brand is popular for smart interactive displays. For last year’s NEOTOUCH could deploy 1000+ smart interactive environments . Also, Robotics, Smart devices and PC solution are key solutions of NEOTOUCH.


1) IR Touch 20 Point Android / 20 Point Windows

Support for up to simultaneous touch, writing and erase allowing multiple users to interact with objects on the screen at the same time

2) Gesture Recognition

Can use an array of gestures within applications, including panning, scaling, rotating and zooming in and out

3) Wireless Sharing

Wireless sharing with your Mobile phone, Computer allows collaboration in meeting and learning spaces with flexible, powerful content sharing, no cables required

4) In Built Speakers

The advanced professional level effect speakers provide more complete audio feeling

5) Wall Mounting and Freestanding Mounting Options
6) Available in Different Sizes

65’’, 75’’, 86’’, 98’’

7) 4K Ultra-HD Display Resolution

Brilliantly sharp video, outstanding color, and clear pictures at resolutions up to 4k

8) Built in Operating Systems

Android 9.0 and Windows 10 Pro Operating Systems

9) Smooth and Sleek, specially designed for Hard Use
10) 4mm Tempered Glass with Anti-glare screen
11) Metal Frame to protect the Display
12) CE, FCC, ROHS Certification
13) Educational Applications for Smart Learning

Advanced educational applications and simulations can be run without any hazzle

NEOTOUCH M-Series Specifications

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