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Interactive flat panels (IFPDs) are now dominating the touch screen interactive display market in classrooms of India. Taking over from interactive whiteboards (IWBs), they are seemed to account for an awe-striking 96% of sales in Indian classrooms. Obviously Price being the tagline across the world there are now more IFPDs than IWBs sold.

Schools are choosing this type of displays because brighter image is more visible and they can see immediate user benefits over projector based IWBs and they want to have the latest technology particularly with an affordable price. Children and parents can immediately relate to this technology and now IWBs are seen as old-fashioned. Height adjustable displays are also easier to use, so are a more accessible display for the children who collaborate, which encourages social skills, sharing and discussing.

Price of the interactive touch screen flat panel displays in India is also reducing. To begin with Initial costs were higher than IWBs but with negligible maintenance and low running costs, the total cost of ownership is easily on par with an IWB and projector system.

This product changeover has opened the entry point for a far wider range of competitors as anyone can become an OEM touch screen Interactive Flat Panel Displays in India. Competition is changing and there has been success for Indian players entering the market particularly the prices play a major role.

Interactive Touch Screen Flat Panels are relatively new to schools; it is too early to judge a typical lifetime but it will certainly be far shorter than the 10 to 12 years from the average Interactive White Boards. It is also good news in India with respect to price that Touch Screen Interactive Flat Panel Displays give re-sellers a reason why schools should change from their Interactive White Boards.

School  have to choose smaller displays due to increase in price as the average IWB is 85″ the corresponding Touch Screen Interactive Flat Panel Display is only 65″, this can be countered slightly by the brighter image, better performance, no  complex cables, readily plug & play etc.

A full size interactive whiteboard’s price would range from Rs. 18,000 in India; however we need to add the price of a projector and a laptop / computer which would amount to Rs.1 Lake on top of this. Interactive LCD and LED screens are available in sizes from 55 inches, to 98 inches, ranging in price from Rs.1,15000 up to Rs.10,00,000

Price of an Interactive Flat Panel

Finding specific price quotes for Touch Screen Smart Panels can be challenging, and with good reason. The exact amount it will cost to have a Smart TV Panel in classrooms varies, depending on model, as well as location, installation fees, GST and which Smart panel to choose.

Having told that, a Smart touch screen panel is difficult to be found for a price less than Rs.1,10,000 ,the price of the small, 55-inch model: Comparison made from different players in the industry. Bigger Interactive Flat Panels when comparing with the industry standards varies from 1,60,000 to 10,00,000 Rupees.

Additional costs can come from accessories, such as special, wall mounts, or projectors. Due to all of these variables, the best way to find out exactly how much an Touch Screen Interactive Flat panel will cost is to find a retailer near you and speak with them directly about your classroom needs.

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