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Online learning environments are becoming an integral part of best practice learning and teaching Everywhere. They are already used in a range of schools in India and worldwide.

Teachers are making major changes to the ways students are taught. They are working with the latest technology –interactive flat panel displays and software programs and online resources for all the subjects – to support their students’ learning.

It’s not just about Interactive Flat panel technology – it’s about what technology can do for students and teachers to make classrooms engaged as easy as using smart phones using human interaction

Using innovative educational content and software teachers are making technology do more to engage students effectively, help students learn individually and in groups, this makes it a very exciting time to be learning as a student.

Very Smart Technology for Smart Classrooms

At the heart of the smart classroom is the latest technology that connects it to the whole-school community – and the whole wide world – and supports quality learning and teaching.

Teachers can extend their modernization and creativity as teaching and learning practices evolve. Teachers have access to powerful group of online learning tools, resources, that is available anywhere, anytime. Teachers can create and share resources and expertise with each other online.

Parents can observe and support their child’s learning from home. In a sense, they can see up-to-date and meaningful information about their child’s learning. All aspects for students are moderated by the teacher.

Classrooms have become a space where learning is visible as students move from class to class, year to year and between schools. It’s a technology that is integral to the smart classroom and relevant to students’ lives. Through it, they will learn and develop skills to prepare them for life and work in the 21st century.

Assets for the Smart Classrooms

Interactive Flat Panel displays enable teachers to use new methods of teaching which add value through smarter human interaction. It gives teachers access to quality education resources and allows them to locate online resources developed by reputed organizations. It also works as a content library. One can turn a good lesson into an engaging one by using the software that is designed to empower educators through free training and curriculum-aligned teaching resources. The education software (Snowflake) helps reduce lesson planning time, offers tools needed for personalized training and provides a safe environment for authentic feedback in a collaborative setting, bring interactivity to the classroom and engage today’s digital savvy students in learning through memorable digital storytelling.

 It is a win-win situation as the teachers will be able to access to quality resources quickly and the students access, learn and create their own resources to evaluate and explain their understanding and knowledge.

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