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Interactive flat panels (IFPs) – also known as Large touch screen monitors are great tools for Education and Business. But chances are that one may not even use it to its fullest potential! That’s why we’ve collected some of our ideas below for your perusal. .

1. Saves Time

You can save loads of time by using Big touch screen monitors to motivate students to start working as soon as class begins. Besides being a great time-saver, using your Best Interactive Flat Panel touch screens also lets us incorporate other mediums in school — try displaying a photo or playing a song or a short YouTube video and asking students to write a response.

2. Save Time Taking Attendance

Instead of calling for attendance every day, Interactive Flat Panel touch screen monitors let students gain some independence by signing themselves into class using your touchscreen Interactive Flat Panels. They can drag and drop their names into the “present” column of their touch screens, making it a fun morning routine for the kids and a big time-saver for teachers.

3. Classroom Behaviour

Using a Web-based classroom-management system with Large touch screens, one can take it to the next level with Touchscreen interactive flat panel. Teachers can display activities on their touch screen during class activities or transitions. Kids love the way the class is conducted and collaborative learning is made fun.

4. Save Teaching Time

There are lots of ways to use timers with Interactive Flat Panel touch screen monitors.  One can use countdown timer to count down the time remaining in learning centres using their touch screens. Multiple timing options including an alarm clock and a stopwatch cab be used too.

5. Bye-Bye Copiers

One can bid good bye to paper jams, wasted paper at the Xerox / copier. All saved lesson materials can be accessed directly from Interactive Flat Panel touch screens, Google Drive or Drop box and displayed on your touch screen monitor. The notes can be saved and retrieved later or email them to students when they’re absent. Also, QR code facility is available in the touch screen monitors to copy the notes directly into their devices. This eliminates the need for paper copiers in the class room. A Go Green Initiative.

6. Proofreading Made Easy

The Whole Class can be involved an editing process. The Students can use the interactive flat panel touch screens to collaborate when making corrections in writing a home work / assignment. One student chooses a colour to make one set of editing. Other students can make additional edits if required, they can use two different stylus pens which can be used in different colours on the monitors.

7.Engagement Methodology.

Nuiteq Snowflake Education Software in the Interactive touch screen enables teachers and students to tell engaging, interactive stories that align closely with the curriculum, it provides a safe community for online and small group collaboration, and it allows simultaneous personalized instruction, making curriculum relevant to students’ lives

8. Break.

Snowflake in interactive flat panel touch screen monitors allow to create and use fun games across all subject areas. Specifically, touch screens use Snowflake to create word games. Students have no idea that they are learning.

9.Google Hangout.

Interactive flat panel aka touch screen monitors are a cool way to let the class learn alongside students across town or in other places. One can use Google Hangout with another school class across town by connecting a laptop to touch screen monitors. The classes could see and talk with each other on the large touch screen monitor so they could collaborate on different aspects of lessons that they were writing for a class project.

10. Engagement Methodology

Kids love to “be in charge” of the classroom E-share app allows users to cast their mobile phones wirelessly to the NEOTOUCH Interactive touch screen monitors. It can also connect other devices such as tablets, laptops across android, IOS and windows platforms. The TV mirroring option mirrors the NEOTOUCH touch screen monitor to other devices and has a two-way interaction. Mobile camera can also be displayed in the interactive touch screen.

11. Videos / Video Games

Kids Love to play video games, and believe it or not, some of their games are educational. One can connect a gaming console to your interactive flat panel touch screen and test your students’ problem-solving skills with games, which is another engagement methodology. The touch screen monitors also cab play 4K UHD videos. Kids can be engaged by playing educational videos through online websites or through recorded / saved videos

12. Pick Students Arbitrarily

Using the touch screen Interactive Flat Panel, the teachers can call for different students at different times to answer questions. This tool uses a virtual wheel to select student names. One can also use it to make give different assignments to different children or to groups

13. Interactive Touch Screen Monitor – A Device to Learn

Interactive Touch Screen Monitors can be used as learning device. Education can be made fun. Use the touch screen to divide the screen into four different zones and interactively engage children by playing games that actually make them learn easily

14. Personalised Learning Your Way

Together with its online version, Snowflake software in the interactive touch screen creates an active learning system well adapted to personalized learning. It enables educators to choose the teaching resources that work best for their students and display different content and activities in a different Zone

15. Virtual Reality

Field trips are great learning opportunities, but it’s probably not feasibly to go trips all the time given the time and money that needs to be spent for them. But if you have an interactive touch screen monitor, you can make just about any trip a reality. Using Interactive touch screen monitors to show kids videos of the destination as an introduction or wrap-up the trip.

16. A Safe Community for Collaborating

Lessons connected to the specific grade level and subject can be filtered in Snowflake. Small group collaborative learning is enabled using separate Zones

17. Video Linked Lessons

More and more teachers are using videos to boost student engagement in the classroom. In Touch screen monitors, one can access to video-linked lessons that provide hands-on activities aligned with educational standards.

18. Homework Reviewed

Instead of writing out homework problems and questions on the board or reviewing them orally, the teachers can display the work on interactive flat panels. One can easily switch between the teacher’s answer sheet and different students’ worksheets or notebooks to share and collaborate.

19. Forget the Writing Board

S-write is a writing board software, which allows the user to write, draw or brainstorm with their content. Thanks to the Advanced Infra-red touch technology, the touch responses are faster and accurate than ever before. The NEOTOUCH stylus has a thin edge on one side and a thick end on the other, thus allows the user to use two colour pens of different thickness at the same time, the thick pen can also be used as a precise eraser. Hand gestures can be used to erase, expand the writing area and zoom-in, zoom-out the page. We can save the files in to image file or a pdf file. We can also share the file by emailing or by generating a QR code

20. Key Pointers

Neotouch Interactive Flat panels come with inbuilt Android 8.0, 10-point multi-touch, support Multiple Operating Systems, come in different Sizes (55”,65”,75”,86”,98”), Have Gesture recognition and whole lot of other features that make them useful for Educational Institutions and Businesses

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