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Interactive Flat Screen Panels in education are set to make extraordinary changes in how teachers teach and how students learn. Reasons to use interactive flat panels in a classroom span from student engagement, collaborative learning, teaching methodology, of course ultimately improving the performance, increasing the effectiveness of both teaching and learning.
Classrooms benefit from at least one interactive flat screen each. Many find that more than one display is ideal for flexible classrooms that maximize active learning. Interactive flat screens also known as interactive touchscreen displays have a lot of benefits. Let’s look into the advantages of using Interactive flat panels in educational Institutions

Active Learning

Interactive flat panels have an inbuilt ability to improve active learning.
Educational technology in the Panel supports teachers to overcome 21st century educational challenges and provides students with all they need to succeed.
The educational platform in the Interactive display supports schools, teachers, and students, and allows for an engaging active learning experience. It simplifies the integration of personalized learning and differentiated instruction with an easy-to-use interface that makes teachers and students comfortable.


Students work together helps the list of active learning approaches. Interactive Large flat screen monitors (touch screen displays) enable collaboration. Multitouch capabilities allow students to work onscreen content as a team. It’s an ideal way to brainstorm, present, annotate analyse text or images. Work through experimenting. Or engage with a learning game. Lessons connected to the specific grade level and subject can be filtered in the Touchscreen interactive flat panels’ software. Small group collaborative learning is enabled using separate Zones.
When students show, explain, and teach, their minds are actively engaged in the learning process. When these things are done on a large interactive flat panel, understanding becomes easier. Need to Demonstrate some plan or show / create a presentation, get it done collaboratively on an interactive touch screen panel Break into workgroups to learn about different aspects of a topic, then teach the rest of the class. With an interactive touch screen, teachers can take content from the internet. Annotate on top of slides to highlight key points. Adding video and audio clips gives more value in specific learning. Students can become creative while using the Large Touchscreen interactive flat panel, Given the tools, proper insights, then let their imagination soar.

Competition Ready

Touch Interactive flat panel displays help students of all ages develop important skills, greater adaptability to situations, problem-solving techniques and critical thinking abilities. Technology tools are used in the interactive display screens to get students exam-ready. using these in the classroom helps them develop critical skills
To stay updated in the highly competitive world students should have information in their fingertips. Students should be able to listen, observe, analyse and come up with smart solutions. Large Touch Screen Interactive flat panels with their collaborative software help students in their understanding and exploration of the subject gaining immense knowledge.
Collaboration is very important aspect for employers and employees to work as a team and thereby effectively deliver the required essentials. Touch Screen  Interactive flat panel display provides a great helping hand in work places. One can conduct meetings giving presentations or for board room meetings to review performance and so and so forth. This is more effective using interactive flat panels. Today’s employers expect employees to work in teams and collaborate effectively. Touch Screen Interactive displays enable effective learning.

Elevating Eagerness and Engagement

In classes that use Touchscreen interactive flat panels, students stay engaged, they are attentive and learning happens soon. Teachers feel and report that engagement methodology is easier and more thought provocative for students while using interactive Touchscreen flat panels as a medium for teaching.
When compared to old style of teaching to the modern technology-oriented teaching, the students who use modern technology were more motivated. They also achieved better results than those who used paper. teachers strongly believe that Large Touchscreen interactive flat panel users are being the most motivated because the methodology is more collaborative and thought provoking

Effective Feedback

Students become more creative when using modern technology at their disposal. Large Interactive flat panels help a lot in improving the performance of the students as they could stay focussed in the teaching as notes can be copied to their cell phone through QR codes or sharing through emails. Brainstorming, feedback can be more effective when using Large interactive display screens.

Enhancing Classroom Management

Large Interactive flat screen monitor displays are advantageous in keeping classes running smoothly, the more engaged students are, the less likely they are to be disturbed. By making lessons more dynamic, students are inherently more captivated by the content.
Touch interactive flat panels enable the use of visual aids. Visual timers keep kids on task. They help kids conceptualize, manage and visualize time when taking tests or taking turns.
Teachers know that developing a cohesive classroom community is half the classroom management done. The classroom interactive flat panels provide a central space around which to build the community. Can be used to conduct meetings, lets students earn the role of morning moderator at the big screen. Students can create multimedia presentations that express themselves in a dynamic new way. Challenge them to join forces with cooperative gameplay apps.

Creating Experience

When schools implement Large Interactive Flat Panels , students can end up spending a lot of time behind a screen, can focus on their own activities. This can be great for collaborated learning. Diverting their focus to the interactive display brings students back to a community mindset. Whether it’s the teacher or a group of students presenting, the Touchscreen interactive flat panel creates a common experience.
The more one uses Touch interactive flat panels touch the more it becomes a point of attraction. A visible means of creating common ground among classmates. Collaborative projects, presentations, and game-based learning will do the wonder. Touchscreen Interactive Flat Panels can even help create a communal atmosphere when students are focused on their devices.


Touch Interactive Flat Panels help teachers offer more learning opportunities to more students. Videos and multimedia presentations help to visual and auditory learners. Teachers can take screen shots and save on-screen notes and distribute the files for independent review.
Smart Classroom technology can be a great experience for students with special needs. Large Interactive flat screen monitors integrate easily Like captions, text highlighters all page annotation is a very useful tool for teachers to point out importance of any particular subject. Advanced learners can collaborate with classmates on more complex lessons at the display. Early Learners can learn through collaborative learning and fun based learning.

Learning Improvised

Students and teachers do accept that Large interactive flat screen panels are fun. The touch screen displays captivate, improve attention and boost student engagement. The interactive flat panels can be an outstanding cornerstone for classroom collaboration. Students learn more, learn better, and are able to apply that in what they learn as they move forward in their lives.
We also know that Touchscreen interactive displays and active learning go hand in hand. That these dynamic and versatile touch screen displays facilitate countless active learning adventures.

Implementation Made Easy

Corporates are big users of Large interactive flat screen panels . Compared to traditional interactive whiteboards and projector-based technology, they offer wide range of features. Touch Screen Interactive Flat Panels are all-in-one solutions, they’re faster to deploy. They require virtually no maintenance. Plus, teachers get up and running with their dynamic displays with minimal training. All of which saves IT time and reduces related costs.

Easy of Use

Touch Screen Interactive flat panels are ease of use. With inbuilt facilities like wi-fi, inbuilt memory etc. these flat panels can be used as just plug and play .
The salient features of Touch Interactive Flat Panels are :
• Android 8.0
• Advance IR
• Response Time 6ms
• 4K Ultra HD
• Brightness 450cd/m2
• Internet Free Screen Sharing of Mobiles / Tabs/ Laptops
• Dongle Free WIFI
• Slim Bazel
• Intelligent Remote
• Made for Long – 18 Hours / 7 Days Operation
• BIS Certified

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