NEOTOUCH, being a pioneer in Interactive Flat panels aim to establish our
Channel Partners excel in their field. We Work with our esteemed channel
partners to inspire strength and abundance in educational institutions and

Well-Known for our All-In-One NEOTOUCH Range of Interactive Flat
Panels that makes education fun, collaborative for corporates in being
more productive and in education the solutions made help both teachers
and students to teach and understand interactively.

NEOTOUCH believes when our Channel Partners grow, we grow. To Make
sure our channel partnerships succeed, we have an extensive range of
plans and services that give a win-win situation. Our Engagement
methodology is profitable and our comprehensive support system will
always be available as and when needed.

NEOTOUCH believes that stronger the channel partners, better the
promotions and sales. Promotional tools and marketing strategies will be
State-of-the Art that would make profitable to promote our range of
Interactive Flat Panels.

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