IFPDs Series

NEOTOUCH Interactive Flat Panels enable educators to effectively instruct their students using interactive and engaging tools which foster peer learning, build collaborative skills and enrich their learning experience. The information shared is comprehensively captured and can be presented using analytical and creative tools such as charts, graphs, tables, and other visual aids.

Neotouch Hybrid-Tech Working Solution

Why Neotouch?

Neotouch has a team of in-house specialists who are adept at analyzing the specific requirements of Institutions and Businesses as well as curating solutions that are perfectly packaged for Optimum Productivity and Maximum Return on Investment. The Support Team at Neotouch is a deeply committed professional who is always prepared to offer maximum cooperation to the client. Whether it is offering any product or service-related assistance or information on financial options available, the team is available on the go.

Neotouch is a well-established Indian Company having more than 20 years of experience in the field of education. We have maintained a high value system despite changes and advancements in technology. We adhere to international standards of quality but are deeply rooted in our Indian Values. We are backed by a business group whose core area of expertise is Education, wherein we as a group, understand the various challenges the educational sector is presently facing. We have our presence all across India, and implement our cutting-edge technology to leverage the opportunities in the educational segment.

Smart Class Room Solutions

All Channels Annotation

Support Multiple OS

Available in 65", 75", 86', 98"

10 Point Touch

Wireless Screen-cast

Gesture Recognition

Wireless Screen-cast

Bluetooth Enabled


Well-Known for our All-In-One NEOTOUCH Range of Interactive Flat Panels that make education fun, and collaborative for corporates in being more productive, Neotouch has provided its solutions to a wide range of establishments like Schools, Colleges, Offices, Universities, Multiple Industries, Hospitals, Libraries, Hotels, Cafes, Pubs, Museums, Theaters, Cinemas, Airports, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls, Conference Room, Subways, Gaming and Bus Stands, where the standards of display are elevated to futuristic levels of evolution.