S-write is a writing board software, which allows the user to write, draw or brainstorm with their content. Thanks to the Advanced Infra-red touch technology, the touch responses are faster and accurate than ever before. The NEOTOUCH stylus has a thin edge on one side and a thick end on the other, thus allows the user to use two colour pens of different thickness at the same time, the thick pen can also be used as a precise eraser. Hand gestures can be used to erase, expand the writing area and zoom-in, zoom-out the page. We can save the files in to image file or a pdf file. We can also share the file by emailing or by generating a QR code.

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NEOTOUCH Solution NEOTOUCH is a total solution provider for smart education . Addressing the divergent needs, by the schools and education institutes, NEOTOUCH offers all-inclusive solution ranging from hardware solutions

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